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MSXVR es un ordenador compatible a nivel software/hardware con la familia de ordenadores MSX, con aspecto y diseño inspirado en este sistema además de nuevas funcionalidades y características que nos permitirán disfrutar de la computación actual pero mirando al pasado, cuando la interacción hombre-máquina marcó un antes y un después en los hogares de muchas personas. Información sobre el ordenador MSXVR  is a computer that is compatible at hardware and software level for the MSX family home computers in aspects and design with the addition of new functionality and characteristics that permit the enjoyment of modern day computers whilst respecting its heritage from times when mankind and computers were forged and where present in many households. Information about the computer

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MSXVR Presentation

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Philips MSX Designer and the graphic tablet

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Playing Operation Pig, an MSXVR videogame.

Introduction to the VR-DOS

Introduction to the VR-BASIC

Music with the HX-MU900 keyboard interface

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Project Status

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