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Status [ Preorder closed, Production IN PROGRESS ]

MSXVR es un ordenador compatible a nivel software/hardware con la familia de ordenadores MSX, con aspecto y diseño inspirado en este sistema además de nuevas funcionalidades y características que nos permitirán disfrutar de la computación actual pero mirando al pasado, cuando la interacción hombre-máquina marcó un antes y un después en los hogares de muchas personas.

Actualmente: Preorder cerrada [Producción en progreso]

Información sobre el ordenador

Quiero un MSXVR

MSXVR is a computer that is compatible at hardware and software level for the MSX family home computers in aspects and design with the addition of new functionality and characteristics that permit the enjoyment of modern day computers whilst respecting its heritage from times when mankind and computers were forged and where present in many households.

Currently: Preorder closed [Production in progress]

Information about the computer
I want an MSXVR


CPU1,4Ghz - 64 bits - Quad Core
MEMORY1 Gb (RAM/VRAM shared)
VIDEO MAX RESOLUTION1920x1080x32bits - 1080p(60Hz)
GAME PORTSDB9 - MSX compatible
CARTRIDGE SLOTS50 pin - MSX compatible
BLUETOOTHHardware: YES, Software: NO (license pending)
DB37-IO InterfaceYes
LEDS9 (Power + 8-User)
PSU FEATURES12V/10A - 100-240V - 50/60Hz
KEYBOARD INTEGRATEDMechanical - Standard 87 Keys
SOFTWAREOS + Apps + Tools + VRBasic + VRDOS + VMachines + Online updates


An elegant box with everything you need to enjoy your MSXVR. 
NOTE: The expected final packaging protects all deliverables, including the displayed box.


Although the MSXVR uses a Raspberry PI 3B+ inside as a CPU and takes advantage of the rest of the features of this mini-computer, it has been necessary to develop all the special hardware that would allow real-time access to cartridges, clocks, voltage management, On and off system, access to external devices, management of game ports, internal audio mixer, amplifier for slots, remote control jack, LEDs, buttons and everything necessary for the set of elements to coexist offering good performance and functionality
Back Connectors
  • External Keyboard Port. This is used to connect the MSXVR to a PC or MAC and serve as a USB keyboard. To work in this mode, the MSXVR must be turned off.
  • Remote control Jack 2,5. Activate / deactivate the remote control. This is the REM of the
    Cassette although it may have other functionalities in the future.
  • EAR Jack 3,5. To be able to connect speakers or headphones.
  • MIC Jack 3,5. To be able to connect a microphone or as an audio input.
  • AV OUT RCA. Coaxial connectors for composite video and analog audio. Allows you to connect the computer to a CRT TV.
  • Ethernet RJ45. Network connector
  • HDMI. Type-A connector to connect a monitor or television with digital image / audio.
  • DSI/CSI. Port that allows to connect directly to the camera and screen interfaces.
  • SD Port. Port where we can extract or insert the SD card used by the system and must contain a compatible operating system. It is not a hot extraction unit.
  • 4 x USB Ports. Standard USB 2.0 Type-A ports
  • DB37-IO Interface. 37-pin connector with I / O configuration and used to create connectivity with external hardware.
Side Connectors
  • 2 x Game Ports. DB9 ports compatible with MSX.
  • Power Switch. Safety shutdown switch.
  • PSU connector. Socket to connect the power supply.


For the plastic of the housing, both from the top and the bottom, injection molds will be used. The resulting plastic will have a professional quality, in addition to complying with EU safety / quality directives. 

After a survey and by choice of the followers of the project, the color chosen as main (or by default) has been red. However, it is possible to choose other colors as long as certain conditions are met.


The keyboard consists of 87 keys with the following configuration:

It is a mechanical keyboard and uses the blue Cherry-MX switch:
We are still deciding the type of typography, layout and colors possible when configuring the keyboard. In the same way the possibility of configuring the colors of the keys and even that of the cursors separately. At the moment the different configurations would be:


As part of the computer production process, the CE quality certificate will also be applied. We want it to be as professional and safe as possible. This implies laboratory tests for both the outside and all internal components, electromagnetic compatibility, low voltage, RoHS and general safety for household products.


Within the software that is delivered comes with the computer, there is a package of virtual machines with which the computer can operate both real hardware and files in ROMs, DSKs, CAS, WAV, etc.

How could it be otherwise, the efforts during all these years have been applied to the whole family of MSX machines (MSX1, 2, 2+ and TurboR), creating a hybrid system of emulation and access to hardware in real time to which We have called VIRTUALIZATION. 

However, we have been putting effort into introducing other machines. The compatibility level is not comparable to that achieved with the MSX but we will improve it bit by bit. These machines are still in the Beta phase: ZX16K, ZX48K, ZX128K, CPC464, C64

We would like to continue improving the compatibility and operation of current machines, in addition to introducing new ones such as PCEngine and X68000. With your support and time, it will surely be possible.


There is indeed a prototype with which we have been verifying and updating the necessary software. This prototype has served as a master guide to settle details with suppliers and test everything necessary to verify the proper functioning of all parts. The current prototype is developed with 3D printing, in red, without screen printing, it uses a mechanical keyboard with keys that do not belong to the same family although perfectly operational. Internally it has practically 90% of all the features that we have planned and has allowed us to move on to its next iteration, which is considered as a final prototype, in which we are currently involved and we plan to finish in mid-October.


A whole system of applications is delivered installed on the computer that will allow you to play, design, program and learn. This system is updateable online, connecting via ethernet or Wi-Fi from your MSXVR. Our intention is to continue improving current applications and gradually continue to introduce new features.

VR-DOSCommand Interpreter feel-like MSX-DOS
VR-BasicBASIC interpreter compatible with MSXBASIC
VR-SystemUser-friendly desktop where to organize your applications
VR-ScriptNative system language to code big and retro
CalculatorI could not miss a calculator in the system
Code-EditorIDE to code and manage software projects
Text-EditorText editor with basic programming features and highlight syntax
ConfigControl panel and computer configuration
DeluxeScreenGraphic design application
EmailSimple email client
FileExplorerApplication to explore between the different drives of the system
GameDBMultisystem and Multifile games catalogue
GameSaurusVisual editor for the GL (Game's Librar) components
ImageViewerBrowse, edit and show multiple types of graphics files
PlayerAudio/Vídeo/Virtual Machines - multimedia player
TelnetVR-DOS telnet client
TileEditorScreen 2 tile editor
TrackSaurusChiptune music tracker
ASToolPreprocessor/Compiler/Transcompiler and linker for retro cpus



A couple of video games are being developed in order to teach computer functionalities, at the same time it serves as testing and validation. Their titles are: Operation Pig and Sky Jaguar 2. The idea of ​​the SKY JAGUAR 2 is that the cartridge be dual, that is, have an MSX compatible set and have another MSXVR compatible. Depending on the machine on which it is placed, one game or another will start. The case of the OPERATION PIG is that it is an MSXVR compatible game. The MSXVR versions of both games are programmed using VR-Script and the MSX version of the Sky Jaguar 2 is programmed using assembler and VR-Script adapted to be ported to assembly language. All created with native tools of the MSXVR.
NOTE: These games are not included with the computer. They will be offered as an independent product. The cost of these cartridges is still not official and will depend on the people who have been interested in them.


As part of the project, we are working on three books that we hope to offer after the delivery of the computer to the users. The purpose of these is to teach how to use the computer with greater attention to programming. 
NOTE: These books are not included with the computer. They will be offered as an independent product. The cost of these books is not yet official and will depend on the people who have been interested in them.


You can see a list of real MSX cartridges tested in a MSXVR here


Yo can see the compatibility with some MSX Hardware devices.



The preorder officially was closed on November 1st, 2019. Finally we will produce stock of computers and while they are available, we have no problem is to assign one of them. If you are interested, you just have to send us an email with your data (Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code and Country). In the case of being a company, we will also need the name of your company and the VAT of EU intracommunitary operators.

The price of an MSXVR unit is € 399.99 (330.57 + VAT 21%) 
NOTE: This price does not include shipping costs. 
Non-Spanish companies that are part of the EU, if they have VAT, will be exempt from VAT. The Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and other countries will also be exempt from VAT, though, they will have to bear the costs corresponding to tariffs (customs)

All this data will be saved solely to manage your order, both informative and billing. Once the procedures are finished, the information will be deleted. In any case, you can review the privacy policy.

Thank you very much!